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Despite being easily mistaken for an extra in a spy movie, Bobbie Peers somehow blundered his way into Norwegian film history in 2006 when he won a Cannes Palme d’Or for his short film Sniffer, which he’d both written and directed— shocking everyone, including himself.


After graduating from London International Film School (yes, they actually let him graduate), Peers continued to write and direct for television, producing several short films and commercials. In 2015, Peers made a surprising leap into feature films with Dirk Ohm – The Disappearing Illusionist.

In 2018, his new short film, To Plant a Flag, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The drama-comedy short, set in early 1960s Iceland, stars Jason Schwartzman and Jake Johnson, who somehow agreed to work with him.

As if being an accidental film director wasn't enough, Peers also dabbles in writing children's books. His series about the code-cracking boy genius William Wenton (William Wenton and the Luridium Thief) has won numerous awards and international acclaim—much to his own disbelief. Miraculously, his books have been translated into 38 languages.

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