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The Interns are the focus of the show. They come in packs of three and can be purchased from dispensers found in most reputable workplaces or delivered directly to your doorstep. There's never an excuse for not having handy Interns, even if you cannot leave your home.

Out of the box, the Interns come dressed in a standard shirt and tie made from recycled materials and powered by solar energy and bio-waste. They contain a microchip and processor that run a semi-intelligent artificial intelligence. Simply open the lid to activate them, and the heads will grow fully clothed bodies when exposed to oxygen.

In difficult situations that require extra support, each Intern can transform into a randomly generated alternate personality. The Interns are programmed to self-destruct 8 hours after activation.

Here is a small sample of the endless variety of alternate personalities available:

Office worker.png
Queens Guard.png
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