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Hold onto your seats, folks! The pilot episode is so jam-packed, it'll make a Swiss watch look lazy. Our audacious trio of Interns is diving headfirst into a James Bond-worthy mission, minus the good looks and martinis. They're helping the CEO of a ginormous Swiss bank covertly kick some bureaucratic butts off the board.

Just when you think it's another day in banking paradise—BAM!—our Interns stumble upon a secret juicier than a Swiss grape. Meet Bottle Boy, the bank's true heir, corked away in (drumroll, please)... a bottle! That's right, this kid's upbringing was more confined than a Swiss bank account.

Why the bottle? His dastardly uncle, who makes Scrooge McDuck look like a philanthropist, squirreled him away to seize the family gold vaults. But now, with the Interns as his partners in financial crime, Bottle Boy is coming out of his glass closet and is ready to reclaim Wall Street... or at least, the Swiss equivalent.

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of laugh-out-loud schemes, unexpected curveballs, and high-stakes shenanigans that will leave you thirstier for more than a Swiss mountain climber out of schnapps!

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