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As an anthology, each episode takes place in a new location with a fresh set of Interns and human characters.


Oh, the mischief that awaits!


Sarah Jessica needs a leg up to score her dream job at a high-end law firm. Enter a super eager three-pack of Interns to save the day (or maybe not)!


Heather craves companionship on her luxury cruise, but there's one hitch: Interns aren't allowed on board! Solution? Smuggle 'em in! What could possibly go wrong? (Hint: A lot!)

Carl Gustaf, the semi-deranged hobby scientist, is fresh out of lab mice for his twisted experiments. Could a three-pack of Interns make a suitable substitute? Only one way to find out!

Gary enlists the help of a trio of Interns to solve the mysterious murder of his beloved parakite. But will they crack the case, or will the body count rise? Stay tuned!

Tailor's on a mission to recruit customers for his swanky new-age yoga retreat in the mountains. Naturally, a three-pack of Interns seems like the perfect solution. Little does he know, things are about to escalate into an international incident!


Terry Jr. is counting on his trusty Interns to seal the deal on a massive oil field. But with cash running low, he sends them on a daring heist to rob a super-secure crypto facility in an underground bunker. What could go wrong?

When Louise decides to get revenge on her cheating husband, a three-pack of synthetic humanoids turns her from lovely lady to evil genius. Cue the Joker-level chaos! Batman, where are you when we need you?

Finally, meet Bottle Boy, who's on a mission to reclaim his inherited Swiss bank from his murderous uncle. A pack of Interns might just be the key to taking back what's rightfully his (see the description of the Pilot Episode for more devious details)!

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