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As an anthology, each episode takes place in a new location with a new set of Interns and human characters.

Here are just a few of and endless amount of possibilities:


Sarah Jessica needs help scoring her dream job at a leading law firm. Some help from a super eager three-pack of interns might come in handy (or not). 


Heather, who wants companionship on the luxury cruise she's going on. But the cruise line doesn't allow Interns on the ship. Solution: she smuggles them onboard. A bad move, some would say. But it surely will be entertaining. 

The semi-deranged hobby scientist Carl Gustaf has run out of lab mice for his wicked experiments. A three-pack of interns might be a suitable substitute. Or not. We'll see...

Gary needs help finding out who killed his parakite. He finds comfort in a three-pack of Interns who investigates the crime for him. Chances are, the parakite won't be the only casualty at the end of the show. 

Tailor needs help recruiting customers for his new-age yoga retreat in the mountains. A three-pack of willing Interns seems the logical way to go. Not in his wildest dreams would Tailor have thought this would escalate into an international incident so quickly. 


Terry Jr. expects full cooperation from his newly acquired interns in sealing the deal for a vast oil field. As an added bonus for the viewer, Terry has run out of cash and sends the Interns on a mission to rob a super secure crypto facility in an underground bunker. 

Louise needs help getting back on her cheating husband. Who could have known that she could go from so lovely to such an evil genius just because of a three-pack of synthetic humanoids? The situation quickly escalates to Joker-like proportions. Where is Batman when we need him?

And last but not least: we get to know The Bottle Boy, who needs help taking back the Swiss bank he inherited from his parents. Bottle Boy's uncle has seized control of the bank by killing the previous owners (see description of Pilot Episode)

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