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Introducing the wild and wacky world of "Interns Inc." a 2D animated show that's a delightful blend of serialization and anthology. At the heart of the chaos, we have Interns Inc., a global corporation churning out synthetic, humanoid robots with artificial intelligence. Do you want an Intern? Just grab a pack of three from the nearest vending machine or order online for speedy delivery. These ever-so-keen and disposable employees are taking the world by storm!

Each episode whisks you away to a new adventure, featuring fresh human characters, locations, and a trio of Interns ready to "lend a hand." Hold on tight as we take you on a whirlwind tour of places like the White House, NASA, the moon, the International Space Station, warships, military bases, global banks, and cozy little homes.

Here's a typical episode: We kick off with a new setting and human cast, then toss in the Interns for some "help" (read: pandemonium). As the story unfolds, expect plenty of twists, turns, and unpredictable outcomes, plus the occasional Intern meeting an untimely (and often hilarious) end. And if things go south, Interns Inc.'s clandestine task force, always at the ready to "handle" any malfunctioning Interns on the loose!


Behold the magic of Interns Inc.!


As soon as you pop the lid, the synthetic heads inside spring to life, growing a fully-fledged body complete with snazzy office attire: a stylish blue shirt and tie.


These tireless Interns are at your beck and call, ready to tackle work-related conundrums or personal dilemmas. Should they face an unlucky end or malfunction (a rare but thrilling twist), fear not! Just grab another handy three-pack, and you're back in business.


Life will never be the same again – that's our guarantee!



There's more! When the going gets tough and the customer's demands become challenging, our Interns have a secret weapon up their sleeves. Say hello to their randomly generated alter-egos – think of them as Interns 2.0, but on a power-packed dose of steroids. These upgraded versions boast enhanced abilities way beyond your average Intern's skillset. For a deep dive into the world of alter-egos, check out our detailed Interns description. Buckle up, because with Interns Inc., you're in for one wild ride!

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