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This 2D animated show combines elements of serialization and anthology. The central focus is on Interns Inc., a global corporation that produces synthetic, humanoid robots powered by artificial intelligence. Interns can be obtained from vending machines in packs of three or ordered online for express delivery. Interns are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces as highly willing and disposable employees.

Each episode introduces new human characters, locations and a three-pack of Interns to "help out". Throughout the show, viewers will visit various places worldwide, such as the White House, NASA, the moon, the International Space Station, warships, military bases, global banks, and private residences.

A typical episode structure would be introducing a new setting and human characters,  bringing the Interns into the mix and having them "help out (causing chaos). Each episode ends with a surprising and unpredictable outcome, and one or more Interns may meet a violent or unexpected demise at the end. Interns Inc. also has a secret task force that can be deployed to "handle" malfunctioning Interns. 

SHOW PREMISE - 2o min. episodes


Once the lid pops, the synthetic heads inside will activate and grow a body with standard office attire: a blue shirt and tie. The Interns will dedicate themselves to solving any work-related or personal issues you might have. And the best part is if they meet an unfortunate demise or malfunction (which rarely happens), simply purchase another three-pack. Your life will never be the same again. We promise. 


When the workload becomes too challenging, and customer demands overwhelming, the Interns may shift gears and transform into a randomly generated alter-ego. This alter-ego has enhanced abilities beyond their standard Intern capabilities. This is like an upgraded version on steroids. See the Interns description for more information on alter egos.

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